About Us

Bhutanese Literature Dot Com is a community based literary website launched by a group of active, dedicated youths  abroad in the year 2009. The site was at first launched with the blog and with the limited members’ articles. Within the short period of time, it culminated widely and has taken the full shape of a site. It has become the public property and ultimately the property of the nation.

Mission Statement

Preservation of Bhutanese literature, language and culture is the official mission statement of Bhutanese Literature Dot Com. It is dedicated for the promotion to the development of Bhutanese languages – Dzongkha, Nepali and English.

Aim and objectives

  • To develop the history of Bhutanese literature (English, Nepali and Dzongkha)
  • To develop the profile of all the established Bhutanese writers
  • To make tri-lingual publication of the creation
  • To conduct annual conference for the discussion and promotion of Bhutanese literature
  • To help publish the literary books of the writers in abroad
  • To encourage and promote the literary creation of the young generation.
  • To prepare hard copies from the selected creations from Bhutaneseliterature.com and distribute them widely in Bhutan, India and Nepal and possibly on the other parts of the world.


On seventh of May, 2009, from the single initiation of Ramesh Gautam, who is currently in Rogaland, Norway, the site began as www.bhutaneseliterature.wordpress.com as a wordpress blog. With a team work and close co-ordination of Yeti Raj Ajnabee, Rup Narayan Pokhrel, Sanchaman Khaling and Dona Acharya, a huge campaign was made and the site became popular subsequently. In  November, the site formally declared the Board of Founders. and in January 2010, the declaration of the Board of Editors was made. The Editorial Board constitutes of Chief Editor, Managing Editor, and three Editors on three desks- Nepali Desk, English Desk and Dzongkha Desk; Dzongkha Desk  has been empty and shall be filled as soon as possible. After the formation of the Board of Editors, the publication is being made weekly. Currently, we are publishing new volume on every Sunday. On the month of February, the site got hosted with an ample capacity.

Working Structure

To make the site smooth function, there is the classification of the working procedure as founders, editorial team and board of trustee. The site is equal opportunity base site irrespective to caste, creed, sex and ethnicity. Any interested personality towards literature can be the members of the board of trustee. Editorial team is being nominated from the board of trustee.



The category includes the personality who instigated the vision and mission of the site. These founder members are all the energetic and dedicated youths, who are currently living in abroad for their study. It consists of a five members: Ramesh Gautam, Yati Raj Ajnabee, Rup Narayan Pokhrel, Sanchaman Khaling and Dona Acharya.

Editorial Team

This is the team of members with high efficacy in literary as well as language. They possess good experience over the literary publications. They are entrusted from the board of trustee. Editorial Board consists of Chief Editor, Executive Editor, Desk Editors [three for each desk, nominated by the Chief Editor and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Editorial Team remains neutral in all forms of the works of the site. The board is solely responsible for all forms of intellectual activities. The names with their designation are listed below:

Chief Editor: Pashupati Timsina

Managing Editor: Ramesh Gautam

Nepali Desk Editors: Bhim Timsina, Ganga Ram Lamitare and Ghanashyam Regmi

English Desk Editors: Yeti Raj Ajnabi and Kumar Acharya

Dzongkha Desk Editors: ………………

Board of Trustee

This is the member base board. This board is open to all the interested persona over literature, irrespective to caste, creed, language, sex and ethnicity. To be the members of this board, certain membership procedure has to be followed. This board shall constitute the founders, executives, editors and the general members.

Board of Directors

This board is the administrative body for the overall activities of the site. Headed by the Executive Director, the board constitutes of Assistant-Executive Director, Managing Director, General Secretary, Secretary, Finance Director, Asst. Finance Director, Public Relation Director, Asst. Public Relation Director, Technical Director and Members. Executives are the members elected from within the members of the Board of Trustees.


These are the general members who take membership voluntarily. Any interested person to join the site should write to the General Secretary of the site. The GS then will provide a form through e-mail, which the person should fill and return through postal mail. The members after getting membership owe the right to receive all the services that the site offers, including voting right to the Board of Directors and the candidacy for it. However, the membership is annual and every year, it has to be renewed. Only the Bhutanese citizens can be the members of the Board of Trustee.


Bhutanese Literature Dot Com has achieved a huge literary lover fans within the short period of time.We have dedicated team of editors. Besides their daily stuffs, they manage time for the site to generate prospective ideologies.

The site has successfully begun the journey of writers’ profile.

The site has been transformed from a blog to the website of ample capacity.

The site has now the columnists to update the analytical articles timely.

Future Plan

Bhutanese Literature Dot Com, has the following tasks to do in the future days:

  • To extend the members in the Board of Trustee
  • To begin the publication in Dzongkha.
  • To develop Regional Representatives all over the world
  • To continue the process of writing the history of English, Nepali and Dzongkha literature in Bhutan and from Bhutanese.
  • To develop the writers’ page within the site, which gives vivid pictures of the writers to signify their contribution to the site.
  • To extend the columnists with the analytical writings.
  • To make the constructive Board of Advisors.
  • Once the Board of Trustee achieves the constructive number of members, to hold the election for the Board of Directors and then the nomination of the Board of Editors.
  • To begin the journey of conducting Annual International Conference on Bhutanese Literature.
  • To begin the collective publication of the selected articles from the publication of this site and distribute all over the world.
  • To contribute to form the Bhutanese Linguistic Association.