The day I was alone at home

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Hemanta Acharya
Sydney, Australia

I… need… u… like the… flower, needs the… rain…………….. , (phone ringing)

Hello Bella, (picking up phone)

Hi, Sherah what’s up?

Great, and you?

I m good. Thanks………………………… (Talking)

Bella is my friend who lives 10 minutes away from my house. We are studying in same school and she is friendly. Today her parents have gone to their work and she is alone at home. So, she is calling me to stay with her at her home until the parents come back. …… (……..going…….)

Now am at her house.

“Hi Bella,”

“Oh! Hi, thank god, you arrived.” I was feeling so bored before. It is nice that you came……………………


It is interesting to talk with people while we are alone at home. Most of the people like talking especially with friends with whom they can frankly share their feelings . If phone is not possible, they immediately think of other ways such as facebook, msn or yahoo.

Different people have unusual ideas that do not match with each other. Some people like crowd and some people like quiet. This is the main thing that happens in diverse country or universe.

Oh! One thing, have you ever been alone at home?

Have you ever realised how you felt or what thoughts you gained while you were sitting alone at home?

If you haven’t, just try once while you are alone at home.

Oh! Guys I forgot to tell you about one incident that had happened to me while I was alone at home. It was one of my worst days. It was raining outside, all of us were invited to a birthday party and everyone was pleased to go. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend that special programme because of my 30 minutes’ personal work. I requested my little sister to wait for me as I was extremely interested to be together with. My misfortune……, I came late as she had to go early. I didn’t like to go alone as it was far and I was neither interested to stay at home. I didn’t have any alternatives to do except staying at home. Later I decided to stay at home which was very frustrating. There were only me and my loneliness. What a pity on me, what could I do alone? Speak simply to myself? So funny….What could I speak if there is no one to listen to or add chat with me?

I went outside and watched people.I was expecting something from them. I was new to that place and there wasn’t any neighbour to go to or speak with. If I went to their house they might not be found as they would be in their own work. I thought it’s not the right way to get rid of this loneliness so I entered my home. Suddenly, one movie appeared in front of my eyes. I made up my mind to watch the movie. I settled down on a sky blue carpet which was comfortable and blue was my favourite colour and turned towards the big screened T V. I began my favourite comedy movie. Initially it was alright. Ha…ha… he…he… he… suddenly, my mouth opened with big giggling as it was so funny scene; I looked around as if there was someone to giggle with me but that was just a fancy. I resumed the movie and tried to put my full concentration towards it but I wasn’t concentrating at all.

I… missed…. u… like the… flower… needs the… rain… (Phone rang)

She was Bella; I curiously picked up the phone.

Hello! , hello! (me)

Hi, how are you doing? (Bella)

Alright,are you free? Please….. (Me)

Are you all right? Why are you acting differently? What’s the matter??

Yap, I am ok. The thing is I am alone at home so if you could come it would be great.

(Obviously I was very excited, and expected that she would seriously come)

“I m sorry, I can’t help you today, any way I will surely come next time.”

But I was wrong as she had to attend an urgent meeting,she could not come at that time.

She called me just to ask help about our homework. I was pleased that I didn’t have to spend at least a few minutes alone.

As soon as we finished our discussion I signed in to my facebook on my laptop. It is one of the most common ways to pass time chatting with friends, seeing their photos, writing or seeing comments, making friends and having fun. Luckily, there were many people online at that time. I was glad to pass time and enjoy with them. Unknowingly, two hours passed in the facebook.After that all people started appearing offline. Oh god! Alone again! I began to think about other techniques. I went outside with the dark red basketball in my small hands. I looked at the basketball ring and shot it inside the ring. It wasn’t really fun but also it was just one way to pass time. Abruptly, I felt angry. My face became red, and tears fell down from my eyes. Can you imagine how it feels when a hungry lion roars and searches for food in the middle of the huge jungle where he finds no prey.I felt like that. I angrily called my mum but didn’t speak angrily because I thought it’s not good time to speak in that way. She told that they’re on their way to home.

As soon as I heard they’re coming, my head became lighter, my heart started to melt and I felt like crying in loud voice but didn’t do that because there was still no one to listen to or sympathize me.

It was dark outside.Stars were twinkling but weren’t bright at all.I was waiting for my family sitting on the floor.I felt sleepy, I was just leaning on the right side of the door, I was asleep.

Next day I found myself sleeping on my bed. I heard some voices whispering in my ears, I guessed it’s in my room and it’s secret. I tried to open my eyes but it was difficult. I tried and finally managed to blink my eyes. Oh! What’s this?? Looked like different shapes of black balls. It wasn’t clear at all, so I blinked my eyes harder. Ha-ha those black balls were the people’s head who were my family members and some friends. What….what are you doing here? I said.No one spoke; all of them were laughing at me speaking nothing.”What are they doing in my room?” I said to myself. I thought it’s because they left me alone at home so they’re trying to say sorry to me. I got up from my bed and looked around if I could get any idea about it.

Balloons at the ceiling, different kinds of decorative things around me, seems to be gift for someone’s special day. It was awesome but I was wondering why they weren’t speaking.

I turned towards my study table where my little sister was sitting at. I was going to ask her what was happening there. As soon as I turned towards her, I saw a big brown cake with white cream at the top on the table.

Wow!!! ……Cake??? It’s a big surprise; it’s my favourite cake with the layers of black chocolate and white cream at the top. I spoke hurriedly and ran towards it.



OH! MY GOD, I didn’t even realise it was my birthday. I was very glad on that day, just a day before I had to stay alone at home, there was no one to talk to me and just next day I had many friends and families to enjoy my special day.

The society where I am living today is a highly sophisticated and mechanized where funs and celebrations are underlined and the special days are restlessly awaited for.

And wasn’t it in itself a fun that I could not forget this very day?

I can still remember this day.Was that my lucky or unlucky day??

I was unlucky that I could not attend the birthday with my family and relatives and also I had to spend my whole day alone like a fish out of water.

I was lucky as I got opportunity to get new experiences which helps us to struggle in life step by step. It is nice to know how we feel if we have to stay at home or go anywhere alone, isn’t it??

Since that day I never stayed alone.

Oh! Bella’s parents arrive now; I have some work to do at home. Ok bye I have to go now. See you.

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  1. Ganga says:

    Hemanta you are a good writer ….keep it up in future hai iam missing u …too much

  2. roshan khadka says:

    good article.

  3. hemanta says:

    thanks guys,,,

  4. DN Acharya says:

    Hi sis,indeed it’s a nice writing and I hope ur brainy enough to assemble such pleasurable thoughts into a good lifelong experience. Thanks again for that!

  5. chakra Acharya(welkin Siskin) says:

    WOnderful writing! I read each of your line and felt sounding savoring and tantalizing! Keep writing such…